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Every day is a gift.  Alex reminds us of this each day as he inspires others to appreciate life.  To that end we want to celebrate warriors fighting testicular cancer, providing them support and encouragement through birthday donations.  You may donate your birthday to a warrior you know or in honor of someone.  You don’t know anyone?   That’s ok.  You can still donate your birthday and we will deliver the birthday!  Monetary donations are always welcome but not required for a birthday donation.  Learn more about birthday donations.

2022 YTD:  The Foundation has provided almost $14,000 in financial support!

Travel Reimbursement

With illnesses, like testicular cancer, we understand the importance of seeking medical care from the best specialists at top hospitals, so this Medical Travel Reimbursement was created to assist patients and families seeking the most ideal medical care.

Do you know someone who needs financial assistance for travel?  Go to our Travel Reimbursement page to learn how to apply!

Birthday Blessings

The foundation wants to celebrate life with a birthday blessing.  Every day is a gift, so we want to share that gift by providing another "year of life" when those warriors fighting testicular cancer need it most.

Do you have a warrior who needs to be uplifted or a birthday to donate?

Spread Awareness

One of the primary objective of the Foundation is to spread awareness for young men to look for early signs of testicular cancer.  The best defense is a good offense, so we want young men to check early and stay healthy! 

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