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This special page is devoted to those warrior’s who have been going through surgeries and treatment to fight testicular cancer.  We know the fight isn’t easy.  We admire your spirit, determination, strength, and desire to live on! 

Never stop fighting!

These warriors need your prayers, positive thoughts, and support.  If you would like to donate your birthday to celebrate their life or send words of encouragement, contact the Foundation.  

Buzz has a wife and son.  He has been recovering from high-dose chemotherapy (HDCT), two stem cell procedures, and a third RPLND surgery.  He continues to be an inspiration with incredible fighting spirit!

Brenden C has two young girls. He recently had RPLND surgery and is doing well in his recovery.

Jacob M is 22 and has been fighting testicular cancer for almost two years.  He had a series of surgeries including RPLND.  He is currently 

Fahim is a 19 year-old who was diagnosed with testicular cancer in February 2022.  He immediately had an orchiectomy and then RPLND surgery in March.  He is now recovering at home.

Denny B received his diagnosis one year ago on his 21st birthday.  He received treatment in a local facility as well as at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC.  

Dylan H is a 17-year old young man in the UK who was diagnosed last year.

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